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Edward Scissorhands, directed by Tim Burton and released in 1990, is a captivating and poignant film that tells the story of a gentle and misunderstood outsider. Played brilliantly by Johnny Depp, Edward is an artificial man with scissors for hands, created by an eccentric inventor who passes away before completing him. Set in a pastel-colored suburban neighborhood, the film explores themes of isolation, acceptance, and the complexities of human nature. As Edward navigates the world with his unique appendages, he becomes an object of fascination and fear for the community. However, his innate kindness and artistic talent win the hearts of those around him, including a young woman named Kim, portrayed by Winona Ryder. Edward Scissorhands is a visually stunning film, with Burton's signature gothic and whimsical style shining through in every frame. The movie's bittersweet ending leaves a lasting impact, reminding viewers of the beauty and fragility of the human spirit. Edward Scissorhands remains a beloved and thought-provoking masterpiece that showcases Burton's storytelling prowess and Depp's exceptional performance.

Venue Information

Historic Ritz Theatre
263 West Central Avenue
Winter Haven, FL 33880

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Historic Ritz Theatre Inc.

263 West Central Avenue
Winter Haven, FL 33880
+1 (863) 937-1414

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