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"Shaft," released in 1971, holds immense importance in the history of cinema. Directed by Gordon Parks, the film introduced audiences to the character of John Shaft; a private detective, played by Richard Roundtree.

Richard Roundtree's charismatic portrayal of John Shaft is brought the character to life, capturing the attention and admiration of audiences worldwide. His portrayal showcased a black hero who was not only intelligent and resourceful but also unapologetically confident in his abilities. This representation was crucial in challenging the prevailing stereotypes of black characters in mainstream media at the time.

"Shaft" not only paved the way for future black action heroes but also highlighted the importance of diverse storytelling and representation in film. The film's success demonstrated that audiences were hungry for stories that reflected the experiences and perspectives of marginalized communities. It opened doors for more diverse voices to be heard and for stories that had previously been overlooked to be told.

This screening serves as a celebration of the contributions to cinema by actor Richard Roundtree. His legacy will endure as will the timeless cool that is Shaft. 

Doors will open at 6 • Signature cocktails, wine, beer, craft soda, candy and freshly popped popcorn will be waiting. See you at the movies!

Venue Information

Historic Ritz Theatre
263 West Central Avenue
Winter Haven, FL 33880

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Historic Ritz Theatre Inc.

263 West Central Avenue
Winter Haven, FL 33880
(863) 937-1414

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