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Florida’s Spirit and the Cosmic Heart offer a warm shoegaze pop sound founded on good production, lush instrumentals and soft vocals, and show a tendency for memorable and tuneful writing. Subtly reminiscent of sixties pop, Moments EP (2021) is an accurate representation of the bands songful character, bringing forth symmetric levels of dream pop melancholy and twee smoothness. Spirits music comes with a strong sense of openness and familiarity, hence it’s easy to appreciate instantly” - Destroy//Exist


Opening Performer: Brett Staska // @brettstaska

"Emerging from the swamps of Loxahatchee, Brett Staska is a Florida-based multi-instrumentalist. and singer-songwriter. His signature style, "coastal cowboy" combines a unique blend of sounds, ranging from. country & western, surf music and psychedelic rock. He draws inspiration from. his love of surfing, travel, and the life-altering experiences that both have brought his way."





Is Florida really that crazy of a place? It certainly is a surreal mixture of things, and as such, Spirit and the Cosmic Heart have refined an impeccable cross of jangle rock with shoegaze and saccharine pop over a growing catalogue of EPs. 

These releases, Dreams, Memories and Moments track growth from a group of musicians more interested in “getting it right” than seeking the now common modalities of half-second attention spans. On stage, the band excels at taking the recorded blueprints and gluing interludes throughout to create an aural live experience and to conduct jam session-prototyping for new tunes. It’s all part of a deliberate supply-chain process of a band in no rush to explode and jump to a music capital that flatters them more.

“The last year has been spent coming to terms with how to move forward as both musicians and people,” says Joshua Miller. “Sometimes it feels like a complicated decision, but I guess it really is the same as it ever was. Going out to a dingy warehouse and throwing around song ideas with your friends is really that simple and important for us to feel now more than ever.” 

Joshua, who holds double duties as vocalist and guitarist, has embraced his home state for all of its quirks and has broadened his musical horizons by expanding his own perceptions of the oft-maligned state, even finding beauty in a place oft considered uninspiring.

Rounded out by Joshua’s brother Daniel on bass, percussionist Ian Lopez, Dallas Smith on keyboards and trumpet, and Melody Wells on vocals and guitar, Spirit and the Cosmic Heart are hard at work crafting their next release.

Keeping not only the state in the back of their minds but also how they are affected by its idiosyncratic environments has helped hyper-focus the band on their next project. What has been learned through the EPs is slowly coalescing into a full-length, “big picture” composition of symbiotic songs birthed along their journey.

“We are revisiting songs we started years ago and rediscovering how their creation felt then compared to now, you know, that feeling of nostalgia and longing we seem to be drawn to,” Joshua said.

As they take their time in doing so, one thing is for sure: The musical DNA of their work will be present and it will tackle the realities of existence and feeling – but most important of all – it will continue to be the soundtrack of dreams and beautiful memories.

- Abel Folgar, Purehoney Magazine

Venue Information

Historic Ritz Theatre
263 West Central Avenue
Winter Haven, FL 33880

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Historic Ritz Theatre Inc.

263 West Central Avenue
Winter Haven, FL 33880
(863) 937-1414

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