On the Edge

An adaptive water sports foundation service people with challenges.

On the Edge

On The Edge, (OTE), was established as a 501c3 in 2008. 2020 marked our 12th year. The founders, Dianne & Robert Kasper, have a child with autism and 30+ years of water skiing experience. They have been successfully designing and fabricating adaptive water ski equipment for adaptive people during this time. The foundation has many able bodied and adapted volunteers that work tirelessly to help build equipment, make ropes & learn all of the safety procedures for these events. OTE’s key designs include an adjustable seat binding, carbon ski, swivel ski, ski fly chair, surf board, triple bar & ropes & handles. OTE has had the privilege of putting over 10,000 adaptive people up on the water for water sports (skiing, kayaking, boat rides, fishing & many other activities). Currently we annually average around 3,500 people on the water, through our partnering philosophy with other organizations that utilize our training and equipment. 

They have already successfully created a lot of equipment, including over 30 adaptive skis and 40 adjustable bindings that look like seats. OTE has won various awards and has been recognized for its contributions and community service. It has been called an innovative force in the adaptive water ski world. OTE provides equipment to other foundations that become founded due to the influence of OTE, or travels to attend their events to provide the water feature service. 

OTE participated in one of the 1st adaptive pyramids & our equipment was used to break 2 world records for most adaptive skiers behind one boat. We support USA show ski teams & The USA disabled team. We have received an award from Oasis & have been featured 3 times in water skiing magazines. OTE appeared in Water Ski Magazine for putting ski boats on a private lake in Gettysburg, PA in 1996. We have been mentioned in local newspapers and cable networks for our contributions. We have won an award from The American Water Sports Industry. OTE won an award from the Florida Disabled Outdoors Association for its contributions to the sport. 

OTE partners with over 30 organizations, including water ski teams, health systems, adaptive, veterans, big brothers/big sisters organizations (to name a few) in the USA. OTE training and/or equipment has been represented in 28+ states including; California, Colorado, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Maryland, North & South Dakota, North & South Carolina, Alaska, Washington, Texas, Michigan, Alabama, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Louisiana.  

One unique feature about OTE is the feeling of community and being included in a group of people who are caring and willing to help. Our young volunteers learn a wide range of things, including how to fix equipment, how to drive a boat, how to overcome challenges, how to care for others, how to give back and feel a sense of fulfillment from it, and just how to grow up being hard-working, responsible young adults. Our participants tell us over and over again how in just one day, they make lasting friends and feel connected to a nurturing, fun and empowering community. These are some of the hidden magical gems that OTE provides across the nation and beyond, by just doing what we love to do and what we do best. The feeling of camaraderie and friendship is instant and long-lasting. 


1863 Gettysburg Village Drive
Suite 995, PMB 231
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(240) 344-0424

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