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Ignite The Fire Inside

Empowering resilient perfectionists through a proven system to courageously gain clarity, get out of their head and take action even if they don't know where to begin through group coaching, mentorships, interactive workshops, retreats, sound baths, raindrops and more!

Ignite The Fire Inside

I'm Lupita Alvarez | Holistic Business Strategist - My path as an entrepreneur, overcoming significant debt (over $100,000) and personal challenges, exemplifies the resilience and transformation I now foster in others. This journey has shaped my dedication to guiding fellow entrepreneurs through their unique paths.

At Ignite the Fire Inside Wellness, I blend my skills as a Certified Holistic Business Coach, Raindrop Technique Specialist, and Sound Practitioner with strategic business coaching. My holistic approach is centered on empowering you to gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and take bold, decisive action, all while nurturing your overall wellness.

Having navigated the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, I understand the complexities you face. My experience in rapidly reducing debt and reshaping my life and business is a testament to what strategic planning and resilience can achieve

Mission: Thriving in Business and Wellness:

I am committed to helping you thrive as an entrepreneur, balancing professional success with personal well-being. Through personalized coaching, mentorships, intensives, workshops, and retreats, I aim to ensure your journey is not just successful but also fulfilling and balanced.

If you're ready for a life that's authentic, aligned with your values, and full of purpose, let's embark on this journey together. We'll work towards your goals, fostering resilience and well-being every step of the way. Start your transformative journey today and live a life that's bigger and more fulfilling than ever.


332 Avenue B Southwest
Winter Haven, FL 33880
+1 (863) 225-2719

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